Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

At Little Falls Meeting, we continue to experience the advantages and disadvantages of being few in number. One principal advantage is the opportunity to know and understand each other. One principal disadvantage is that there are more jobs and responsibilities than people who are able to assume them.

Being able to know each other reasonably well, we enjoy conversations in which all present can contribute and find enrichment. We feel confident enough in our caring for each other that we are able to discuss difficult issues in a spirit of patience and mutual concern, and a number of members and attenders have expressed a desire to share even more about our religious beliefs and experiences. Friends have expressed their sense of being strengthened by the community and of feeling at ease when speaking.
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Interchange – Spring 2009

As part of the First-day program at Little Falls, the young people of our Meeting are engaged in a study of our cemetery and the rich heritage left by those who are a part of our history. They are learning about the physical layout of the cemetery and the uniqueness of Quaker burial grounds. The project will focus on the founders and forebears of the Meeting who are buried here, their lives and their Quaker beliefs and practice. Children will select one or more individuals to research through the Meeting archives, the Historical Society, diaries, interviews and other sources. Information on social, political and economic issues of the time period in which the individual lived will be included in the study. Our creative and active First Day group will conclude the study with a presentation to the entire Meeting.
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