Interchange – Fall 2009

Little Falls has recently embarked on a project to replace a number of trees on the Meeting grounds that have been destroyed by recent storms or weakened by disease and old age and also to plant additional trees for landscaping. We are grateful to Tyler Diehl, a regular attender and Head Gardener at Ladew Gardens, who guided us through the process of choosing trees and overseeing their planting and maintenance.

A Quakerism 101 course is being planned by our Committee on Overseers for new attenders at Little Falls and for Friends who are not so new. Our Meeting is enriched by the vitality of an active group of children and young people in our First Day School who range in age from six months through the teen years.

Friends were saddened by the loss of Joseph Darlington Hoopes, who died in April at age 103. As a child, Joseph attended the Forest Meeting, a preparative meeting under the care of Little Falls. The Quaker values that influenced his life came from both his father’s Hoopes and mother’s Watson side of his family.

After receiving his undergraduate and Master’s degrees from the University of Maryland, Joseph joined his father at their home, Waverly Farm, where they established one of the finest herds of Jersey cows in the state. In addition to the dairy business, Joseph grew apples, plums, pears and other fruits for the local market.

As a member of Little Falls, Joseph’s contributions to the Meeting were enormous. He championed the mission of the Social Concerns Committee, bringing food items each month to the collection for the local food pantry. He was a strong advocate for education, contributing to the Meeting’s scholarship program and becoming a benefactor in support of Harford Friends School. Joseph served as Treasurer of the Meeting for twenty years. He spent many hours both in building shelves in the library and organizing the collection of books stored there. He offered a voice that would often bring unity within the Meeting when potentially divisive issues were discussed. Perhaps his greatest gift to the Meeting was given through the softly spoken thoughts he shared in Meeting for Worship. When Joseph spoke, we listened.

His life exemplified the values and principles of Quakerism — simplicity, integrity, peace, truth, equality. His gentle ways and keen intellect will long be remembered.

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