Interchange – Spring 2009

As part of the First-day program at Little Falls, the young people of our Meeting are engaged in a study of our cemetery and the rich heritage left by those who are a part of our history. They are learning about the physical layout of the cemetery and the uniqueness of Quaker burial grounds. The project will focus on the founders and forebears of the Meeting who are buried here, their lives and their Quaker beliefs and practice. Children will select one or more individuals to research through the Meeting archives, the Historical Society, diaries, interviews and other sources. Information on social, political and economic issues of the time period in which the individual lived will be included in the study. Our creative and active First Day group will conclude the study with a presentation to the entire Meeting.

The Meeting has seen an increase in the number of new attenders. We welcome their vitality and the new insights and talents they bring with them. The Committee on Overseers has put together a packet of information available for first-time attenders. Our children’s First Day is also increasing in numbers and includes ages that range from toddlers to high school.

Little Falls boasts that we have two centenarians among our membership. Joseph Hoopes, in his 103rd year and Clifford Roberts, 104, continue to share an interest in the activities and support of the Meeting. They provide inspiration to us all.

Outreach programs that our Meeting will host this summer include a bluegrass concert scheduled for July 11 and the “Summer Learning Program” under the care of Harford Friends School. More information on these two events may be found on our website at

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